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Sometimes products don’t pass our meticulous quality standards. Rather than let them go to waste, we give them to you at a discount: like these imperfect Ultimate Bison Socks. What’s imperfect about them? Each pair has small knitting errors (such as misplating or double stitching) that slightly affect appearance but do not affect quality or durability. That means that they’re just as soft, plush, and warm as The Ultimate Bison Sock you know and love.

  • Imperfect sock: may have small knitting errors or variations in appearance

  • 62% wool, 22% nylon, 15% bison down, 1% spandex

  • Features: reinforced heel and toe, ribbed arch support

  • Size S: women’s 6-10, men’s 5-9

  • Size L: women’s 9-13, men’s 10-13

  • Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry

  • Made responsibly in the USA

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